We are three students coming back from a crazy 5 seasons break from university. This incredible experience enabled us to undertake various projects : internships, travels, foreign languages improvement, charity projects... We describe them just below, have a look!

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our partners

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

We want to thank our university for supporting us, especially the International Relations department which provided us a scholarship.

Geelee Switzerland

Geelee is the swiss cloth brand for which Arnaud & Marc-Edouard did an advertising campaign aboard the transsiberian train. It was a great experience!

AIA - Architectes Ingénieurs Associés

French company for which Marc-Edouard worked.

Erema Japan Company

Erema Japan is a branch of the plastic recycling company EREMA based in Austria. Alexandre did an internship there, in Tokyo.

ICLP @ National Taïwan University

Excellent traditional mandarin school in Taipei, Taïwan where Arnaud stayed for the fall quarter.

Amrita University

Partner University in Kerala, India where Marc-Edouard and Alexandre stayed for a charity project

Ingénieurs du Monde

Student association inside EPFL which gave Marc-Edouard and Alexandre a scholarship.

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