A three months internship in a recycling company




Tokyo (Japan)


October - December 2014

Experience is the best teacher

After a tremendous experience as an english teacher during two months in Taiwan, and a few days in Hong Kong demonstrating with some “umbrellas” students, I arrived in Tokyo for an internship in a plastic recycling company... Although this internship was aimed at using my environmental engineering skills, it was more like a reason to go and discover the country I always dreamt of as a teenager: Japan. I was always fascinated by the Japanese society and the cultural and historical features that make them so special. During this 3 months internship in Erema Japan I learnt a lot about their way of tackling different business or customer service issues. Since I was granted a wide freedom, I participated to different fairs about ecological technologies or even japanese food. This experience was very important to me and I definitely reaped many benefits from it!
As we say in japanese 習うより慣れろ (naru yori nareru) - experience is the best teacher

Gallery in Tokyo

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